VT Commerce Catalog

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PART OF VTCART Commerce Distribution

A set of modules for displaying product catalog using Drupal Commerce

Basic Product Catalog :

1. Sortable by taxonomy and multiple vocabulary

2. Grid mode and List mode

3. Pagination

4. Configuration Page

5. Contextual Links friendly

6. based on node

Basic Filter

1. Provide a block of basic filtering

Advanced Filtering

1. Provide a block of advanced filtering

Price Filtering

1. Adding an option for price filtering to advanced filtering block

menu module

1. Create a block of menu automatically when taxonomy (vocabulary) related to product added or get a new product item under it

Category Listing

1. Create a simple category listing block


1. Custom Breadcrumb


1. Integration with pathauto

As of the initial commits, the modules are working.

Need help in cleaning up the code, refactoring, documentation and make the code compliance to drupal standards coding.

Patches and fixes welcomed. Submit them via issue queue.

This module is for developer with savvy php knowledge use only!

There still tons of bug in the module since it is not really fully developed.

Need sponsor for further development.

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