Become a Drupal Maintainer

Contributions to Free software is a requirement on many technical job postings. Employers want to see an active or GitHub profile. In fact, having module contributions can result in a pay increase and substantially increase your success in the job market. Contributing to Drupal not only helps you, it makes Drupal better for thousands of companies that rely on it. Your work matters. You don't need to be a genius to have a huge impact. Even if you have no programming experience you can be a bih help to the Drupal community.

If you're using an abandoned module on that hasn't seen an update in 2 or 3 years, or has 50 or 60 open tickets jump in! It takes only a few minutes to claim an abandoned module. Really, all you have to do is create an issue asking to be set as a comaintainer. Be sure to include a link back to the module in your ticket. If the module maintainers don't respond within a week, change the ticket to Webmasters as a project ownership issue. You'll get a response within 2 days and most likely be made the module owner on the spot.

How can I help?

Step 1 install Dreditor. It gives you links to review patches with Simply Test Me right in the issue queue with one click.

  • Sort open tickets by reverse date and update, reply, or even close them. 60 open issues makes a module hard to work on.
  • Find all tickets marked as Needing Review and test the patches on Simply Test Me. If you can use Drupal, you can do this.
  • Apply to be a passive maintainer. Once accepted, you can apply patches and commit patches other people write.
  • Open active bugs and try to fix some. Don't worry if your work isn't great. Post your work on and let the community help!
  • Already a good programmer? Don't start a new module, find one that is close to what you need and extend it!

Need help getting started? Join some of the most talented, well-known Drupal developers on IRC. We're there just waiting to help you get started.

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