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FileField Download provides an option to start a file download automatically when an entity is viewed that has file attachments. There is also an option to simply download the file without even opening the node to which it is attached.

When a content author creates a new entity containing a file field, they can upload a file as an attachment to that entity. That attachment can only be downloaded if a user views that entity and clicks the download link. FileField Download adds two options for the content author:

  1. Initiate a download when the entity is first viewed.
  2. Initiate a download without even loading the entity.

The driving factor behind this module was to allow the Views module to generate a list of content that, if a file had been uploaded to that content, could start a download immediately, or, if a file was not uploaded could show the content page to the user.


This project is still under development and is not yet fully functional. Co-maintainers and patches to get it completed (it is close) are welcomed.

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