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This module provides a formatter leveraging views for the Field Collection module.

It provides a replace solution for issue: (Order the delta of field-collection items when using the hidden widget)

It provide a default view, which include "Edit"/"Delete"/"Add" links in it.which provide a solution for feature, Edit and delete links in Views ( ).


  • (1)After install this module,then you could goto host entity's fields display settings page,such as admin/structure/profiles/manage/resume/display.

  • (2)at display settings page, you could choose format for you collection field,This module provide a new option"Views field-collection items"

  • (3)then at format summary area, you will see "Embed View: field_collection_view, default", Yes ,this module using views_embed_view function,That mean you need config the name and display id of the view you want to use.

  • (4),Now if you visit a page of host entity, you could only see three fields," Field collection Item id", "Edit", "Delete",At the bottom there is a "Add" link.This is not a bug, that because i do not know which fields that added to collection field.

  • (5)Clone views "field_collection_view", at the clone view, you need add more fields to it, change the sort criteria,Please do not change the existing fields (except "Exclude from display " for "Field-collection item: Field-collection item ID"),the Contextual filters of " Field-collection item: Field-collection item ID"

  • (6),After that you need config the name /display id of the views you want to use at display settings page, such as admin/structure/profiles/manage/resume/display,you click the button at the right place, then there will be a form inlude 2 elements,"name" and "display id".

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    Howard Ge

    The author can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting and development.


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