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D7 and Content Taxonomy

The module provides extensions to Drupal's core Taxonomy Term Reference Fields. At the moment, following extensions are available:

  • Parent term selector in the field settings (for options lists)
  • Options for new terms in autocomplete (Autocomplete Deluxe widget supported as well):
    • Allow and insert new terms (default behaviour)
    • Allow and insert new terms into a separate vocabulary
    • Deny any new terms

For migrating from D6, see notes at the end.

D6 (maintained by artem.taranyuk)

This module provides a CCK field type for referencing taxonomy terms.

The fields are independent from vocabulary settings. For every field you can specify following settings:

  • widget type (see list below)
  • general CCK settings (label, description, fieldgroup, weight, single/multiple, required, ...)
  • the vocabulary to use
  • further settings for hierarchical vocabularies, like the depth of the tree or a parent term for sub-trees
  • storage settings: storage is done in the CCK tables. But for many modules it's necessary, that the saved values are also available to the core Taxonomy system. In this case it's possible to save values additionally to the core taxonomy database table. (Drupal 6)
  • widget-specific settings

Content Taxonomy is going to hide all form fields from the core Taxonomy module from vocabularies, which are handled by a Content Taxonomy field (since Beta 6).

Further Content Taxonomy Fields have Views and Token support and can be used with Rules.

At the moment there are following widgets available:

A good comparison between the different CCK/Taxonomy Modules is available here.

Migration from D6 to D7 Term Reference Fields:

  • first backup your DB (there might still be some problems with multiple value fields #1103026)
  • run the core upgrade path
  • download and install the Content Migrate (CCK) module
  • download and install the Content Taxonomy Migrate module
  • goto Structure > Migrate and select your fields to upgrade
  • clear caches
  • check if the data is available or rollback

note: the Content Taxonomy module in D7 allows you to select the parent term in the field settings, but all other advanced settings will be lost when upgrading.

Concerning the HS integration in D6, the data will be migrated, but a re-configuration of the HS widget, which is independent from this module, will be necessary.

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