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Ever saw a link and wondered if it's worth clicking?

Clipped is a service that provides bullet point summaries of documents and articles. This module uses it to provide a content preview of your links on hover.

Works best with news articles.

This module depends on Libraries module and Poshy Tip jQuery plugin. For details, see README.txt.

Known issues

Cross-browser compatibility is little tested. You can help that.

Compatibility with languages other than English: will generally work

for languages using Latin-based alphabets, although extended characters may be

garbled (this does not depend on us). will not work for pages using

non-Latin alphabets (e.g., Cyrillic).


Clipped was created by Tanay Tandon, a high-school student in Cupertino, CA, United States.

This module uses Poshy Tip, a jQuery plygin written by Vasil Dinkov, a web developer in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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