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Boost provides static page caching for Drupal enabling a very significant performance and scalability boost for sites that receive mostly anonymous traffic. For shared hosting this is your best option in terms of improving performance. On dedicated servers, you may want to consider Varnish instead.

Apache is fully supported, with Nginx, Lighttpd and IIS 7 semi-supported. Boost will cache & gzip compress html, xml, ajax, css, & javascript. Boosts cache expiration logic is very advanced; it's fairly simple to have different cache lifetimes for different parts of your site. The built in crawler makes sure expired content is quickly regenerated for fast page loading.


This is an advanced module and takes some extra effort to get it working correctly. Boost requires cron & clean urls to be working; you will also have to edit your .htaccess and robots.txt files.

Boost Handbook for Drupal 7.x: features (included and missing/deprecated), requirements, credits. Installation instructions for Apache. Semi-supported: Instructions for nginx and IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008.

Boost Handbook for Drupal 6.x: features, requirements, credits, installation and settings, tips & tricks and testimonials. Also read the accompanying README.txt for installation and usage instructions. Don't forget to check for Boost errors & warnings on your status report page admin/reports/status

For the latest developments, see issues with the needs documentation tag.


4.7 Originally developed by Arto Bendiken

5.x Port by Alexander I. Grafov, developed & maintained by Mike Carper.

6.x Port by Ben Lavender, developed & maintained by Mike Carper. Since 2012, co-maintained by Mathieu Lutfy (bgm).

7.x Port by Mike Carper, co-developed and maintained by Mathieu Lutfy (bgm) and Philip Clarke.

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Help test development snapshots for a stable 7.x-1.0 release

The Boost 7.x-1.x version is usable with basic features. View open 7.x-1.x issues.

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