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This is a module to interface Drupal with the open source AJAX Chat system.

The initial module was put together over a weekend as described on Drupal Foo. Shortly after releasing the module I was contacted by B2F who had ironically started on the same project at almost the same time. It was apparent from the start that we should join forces to further the development of the module. B2F's approach was a little different than mine as he was including the AJAX chat code with the module rather than integrating with it. I originally had concerns about doing it this way, but these were alleviated after some correspondence with the authors of AJAX chat. The result is a much easier installation and will help us create a much tighter integration.

We are now in a planning stage where we're deciding on best ways to do things and what features to work on. B2F's use case requires enhanced permissions and integration with other modules, while I plan to focus on making the chat responsive. If there are specific needs or features, now is the time to let us know about them. Please feel free to open an issue.

Installation and configuration

1) Download and install the AJAX Chat Drupal module.

2) Visit /admin/config/settings and review/modify default settings. Be sure to leave the socket server disabled initially.

3) Visit /admin/structure/chat and create at least one channel.

4) Visit /chatlist and click your channel name to join chat. You may also visit /chat directly for full-screen chat.

Socket Server

For information on configuring the socket server, please see here.

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