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This modules enhances the existing Conditional Rules of the Webform Module. It adds the ability to make components dependent on select components(i.e. listboxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes) that appear on the same page.


As of Webform version 7.x-4.0-alpha2 this module has been merged into Webform and is no longer necessary. The 7.x-2.x version of this module handles this upgrade. See: #1616376: Create Migration to Webform 4.x

Webform already has support for conditional fields on multi-page forms. For example Field C on Page 2 can be dependent on Field A on Page 1. This module adds the ability to have conditional fields on the same page. This module adds the ability to have Field B on page 1 be dependent on Field A also on Page 1.

This module requires Webform 6.x-3.x.

Features overview:

  • Showing and hiding components based on "Select options" components that appear above a component on the same page.
  • Fieldsets can be hidden. All contained components will be hidden.
  • Mandatory Components will not be mandatory unless shown on the form.

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Support Requests

Please always use the project issue tracker to report bugs, support and/or feature requests.

Issue Priorities:

The priority for bug fixes and support requests is for compatibility issues with the Webform modules. Currently I will probably not have time work on integration with other Webform add-on modules unless it is paid work.

If you like module this to work module X please create an Feature Request and not a Bug Report. But realize this will not be the priority for now.

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Ted Bowman

The author can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting and development. Ted also teaches Drupal module development courses online with Six Mile Tech.


Development of this module was sponsored by Six Mile Tech, Inc. We provide Drupal Training in the New York City area.


Special thanks to Dennis Solis for his work on this project as part of the DrupalEasy Career Starter Program

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