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DISCLAIMER: Do not use Omega Tools with the 4.x version of Omega. Please create your 4.x subthemes using Drush! The Drush integration for Omega 4.x comes as part of the theme itself and does NOT require Omega Tools. Please uninstall Omega Tools if you are building a site with Omega 4.x.

The Omega Tools module is a set of helper functions and custom functionality intended for use with the Omega Theme. However, the functions this module provides could be used with any theme.

This module is currently only being updated for the Drupal 7 branch, and for integrations with Drupal 7 Omega theme. Just sayin'.

The 2.x version of Omega requires the 2.x version of Omega Tools, and the 3.x version of Omega requires the 3.x version of Omega Tools.

Functionality Provided

The following features are provided by the Omega Tools module. Some features are Drupal 7 only, some are for Drupal 6 and 7 versions.

Drupal 7 Features

  • Export Theme Settings

    Allows you to export the database stored theme settings of the chosen theme. Omega Tools will then overwrite the corresponding section in your theme's .info file with the exported values. Alternatively, you can of course copy&paste those values manually. After the export is done you can revert the settings reverted, and whoosh... back to code.

  • Revert Theme Settings

    This provides an option on the theme settings page for each theme to revert the theme settings to the default settings available via the theme's .info file. This destroys the database copy of modified settings, and reverts to the original values.

  • Drush Integration

    Using the command drush omega-subtheme "Long Theme Name" a subtheme will be created on the fly for you. You may also specify a --destination parameter to specify a certain sites directory that the theme will be sent to. For example: drush omega-subtheme "Long Theme Name" will place the newly created subtheme in the /sites/ directory.

  • Subtheme Wizard (3.x only)

    In addition to the Drush integration there is also a Wizard that will guide you through the creation of a new Omega subtheme. The Wizard may also be used to edit existing themes on the Admin UI. In case the folder permissions on your server don't allow file & folder creation in your themes directory the Wizard places a temporary working directory in your temporary:// folder which you can download as a ready-to-install archive once you finished the creation / configuration process.


Developed and maintained by Jake Strawn, ThemeGeeks and Sebastian Siemssen

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