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The Birthdays module allows users to add their birthday to their profile. It also lists birthdays on a seperate page and in different blocks. Users can receive an e-mail on their birthday automatically, and the administrator can receive periodic reminders of who are having their birthday. Uses Profile module from core.

Current features:

D6 D7 (not yet stable, be careful)
A block displaying the next X birthdays. X X
A block listing birthdays for the next X days. X X
A page listing all the users and their birthdays/age/star sign, which can be sorted by username or date and users without any birthday information can be filtered out. X X
Integrates with Profile module. X (Drupal core) X (Profile 2)
Birthday input field on registration (or not) X X
Optionally displays user's star sign, which optionally links to Yahoo Horoscopes. X X, but no link
Displaying the user's birthday/current age/starsign on the user's profile. X X, but only one of them
User option not to be mailed on their birthday. X X
User & admin option to hide the year and age of the user(s). X X
User options can be turned off by administrator. X X
Automatically e-mails administrator with upcoming birthdays in a certain number of days (currently dayly, weekly or monthly) (optionally). X X
Automatically e-mails user on their birthday (optionally). X X
Possibility to synchronize between the Birthdays module and the Profile module. X Directly use the field type
Views integration X

Things still to do:

  • Integration or cooperation with other modules like event, postcard and others.

This module was mainly maintained by maartenvg. Please contact him directly if you wish to discuss ideas for contribution. Without his input this module would have fallen on the side, so a lot of credit is due to him!

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