Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

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The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) project provides integration with LDAP for authentication, user provisioning, authorization, feeds, and views. It also provides apis and building blocks (query and server configuration storage) for other modules. LDAP is intended to become a replacement for Drupal 5 and 6 LDAP Integration as summarized in #806548: Unnecessary duplication?

See and subscribe to #1115704: Version and Releases Status Updates
for current status and project status updates.

8.x-2.x Development Status (updated 10/6/2013)

The goal of this version is straight upgrade, with possible usability, documentation, and test coverage improvements. New functionality is always up for discussion. Help on this is greatly appreciated.

7.x-2.x Development Status (updated 10/6/2013)

7.x-2.0-beta is the more stable of the 2 Drupal 7 branches Working toward a release candidate.

7.x-1.x Development Status (updated 10/6/2013)

7.x-1.x will only have bug fixes on it from here on out when patches are provided. The current dev will likely keep having patches for bugs. It is recommended to stick with whatever version of it you have working currently until 7.x-2.0RCs come out. Also its ideal to uninstall and reconfigure betas; if not at least run the updates.

Project Standards

  • Stable and secure releases with strong test coverage.
  • Object Oriented; no PHP4 support.
  • Exportables/Features Support
  • Community of contributors for stability, reliability, innovation, and reasonable workload
  • Drupal coding standards; doxygen code documentation.
  • Advanced Help support and solid documentation.
  • Internationalization.
  • Accessibility: #D7AX - We pledge to make this module as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Current Development Supporters

  • Looking for support for additional documentation and user interface improvements. Funding or development in these areas will help the project.

LDAP Project Honor Role

  • Intel Open Source Technology Center for funding much of the 2.0 development especially provisioning to LDAP.
  • Oxfordshire County Council for 7.x-1,0 Release candidate funding.
  • scafmac, miglius, kreaper, and pablobm for developing and maintaining LDAP Integration for Drupal 4.5 - 6.
  • johnbarclay for getting LDAP 7 project going, LDAP Authorization, LDAP Authentication, and LDAP Feeds
  • University of Illinois College of Education for initial funding of parts of LDAP 7 project
  • dayer4b developed LDAP Authorization Organic Groups and helped debug LDAP Authorization module
  • slerby developed LDAP Views and helped cleanup/fix LDAP Query
  • justintime wrote most of the code to get exportables working and submitted a patch for every bug he found along the way.
  • hotspoons wrote the SSO code
  • micahw156 plowed through a number of issues
  • A variety of contributors (cmurph, slerby, kbnielsen, ...) have got the ldap_profile and provision ball rolling.
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